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uklo fm radio with positive energy 1994, he founded Radio uklo fm Macedonian idea to have a contemporary hit radio radio with a completely new expression which will offer modern European conception program. uklo fm in Macedonia has introduced the worlds most widely used and most successful radio format (CHR) Contemporary Hit Radio. Presenters of the uklo fm were new at that time modern style of logging, adjusting his voice to the rhythm of music and introduced a new standard that creates momentum and radio, which is a sign of recognition of uklo fm. uklo fm from the start to engage in cream of European radio stations that were gathered from music television, MTV (MTV RADIO NETWORK), and as a result of those contacts and work, became part of the European radio industry. According to the results of any research conducted in Macedonia slushanosta already shestaeset years uklo fm is No. 1 Radio slushanost and rating for the target group of 12-45 years, nationwide. Team Dish 5 and will continue to explore, create and implement projects for the audience, which Dish 5 will get even bigger, newer and more modern dimension. - Game 5 in its history made more than 300 interviews with the biggest music stars. - uklo fm was the first radio station in the Balkans with its WEB site, in 1995 and the first to broadcast over the Internet REAL AUDIO 1996th Attend with their own reporters of major European music event MTV Europe Music Awards starting in 1994, BRIT AWARDS, DANCE major European festivals, carries the worlds major live concerts (NET AID, CONCERT FOR NEW YORK, WORLD AIDS DAY, PARTY IN THE PARK) and the largest music events taking place in the region and in Macedonia. - Promotional world record for companies in Macedonia promoted singles and albums. - 1994 first introduced the computer running the program with the broadcast of sound in air through the computers. - 1995 -1997 uklo fm is produced by Radio chart of Macedonia, which compiled and aired live together with 20 most popular radio stations from all over Macedonia - Has organized over 100 different parties, fancy-dress balls and supported countless concerts, performances, events in Skopje and throughout Macedonia. - First promoted SMS connection with an audience, 2001. - First introduced seven stylish music channels on the Internet along with the UN NET, 2001. - uklo fm covers 95% of the territory of Macedonia with 20 transmitters with high RDS EON stereo signal. - First installed in Macedonia kopmletna ON AIR digital studio equipment, ready for the new global radio broadcast standard DAB (DIGITAL AUDIO BROADCAST).